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How to Save Animated GIFs from Twitter on Android, iPhone, Mac or Windows PC

How to Save Animated GIFs from Twitter on Android, iPhone, Mac or Windows PC

How do you save Animated GIFs from Twitter on Android, iPhone, Mac or Windows PC? Let’s follow these steps to save all of your cool GIFs from the micro-blogging app!

Animated GIFs look hilarious. No wonder, folks just can’t help using them in tweets and messages. Unlike most other websites, Twitter, unfortunately, doesn’t let you save animated GIFs. So, is there a trick to save all those cool GIFs from the micro-blogging site?

Yes, there is a workaround that can let you save your favorite GIF from Twitter on Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows PC. Let me take you through the guide!

How to Save Animated GIFs from Twitter on Android, iPhone, Mac or Windows PC

How to Save Animated GIFs from Twitter on Android

There is an interesting app called Tweet2gif that allows you download any animated GIF from any public tweet. All you have to do is just copy the link of the tweet and paste it in order to get the job done.

Step #1. Simply download Tweet2gif on your Android device.

Download Tweet2gif on your Android device

Step #2. Next, open the Twitter app and head over to the tweet you wish to save as GIF.

Step #3. Now, you need to tap the tweet.

Tap the tweet

Step #4. Tap on More button at the top of the tweet (three vertical dots) and choose Copy link to tweet.

Tap on More button and choose Copy link to tweet

Step #5. Next, open Tweet2gif on your device and paste in the link.

Open Tweet2gif on your device and paste in the link

You have the option to download it either as a GIF file or MP4 file. I am going to download it as MP4 file. The GIF will be saved in the Gallery app.

The GIF will be saved in the Gallery app

How to Save GIFs from Twitter on iPhone and iPad

Unfortunately, there is no app in the App Store that can let you save GIF from Twitter on your iPhone or iPad. However, if your iOS device is jailbreak, you can easily break the shackle. There is a Cydia tweak called Twitter++ that allows you to not just download GIF but also videos from Twitter.

Step #1. First off, download Twitter++ from Cydia on your iOS device.

Step #2. Next, launch the Twitter app and head over to the tweet which GIF you want to save.

Step #3. Tap on the GIF.

Step #4. Tap on the more button (looks like three horizontal dots)

Step #5. Next up, select Download GIF in the menu.

That’s done!

Now, open the Photos app, your GIF would be waiting for you.

What if your iOS device is not jailbroken still you wish to save GIF from Twitter on your iPhone? With the use of BuildStore, you can install Cydia tweaks and other apps which are not allowed to be installed on iOS device. To use the third-party app store, you would need to pay $9.99/year for a single device. Head over here to sign up for BuildStore.

How to Save Animated GIFs from Twitter on Mac or Windows

What if you can’t download Tweet2gif as you are on different platform like macOS or Windows PC? Turns out, you can still save animated GIF—albeit with a bit of workaround.

Step #1. You would need to download the MP4 video file of the GIF on Twitter and then convert that MP4 file to a GIF file.

Open Twitter and find the tweet you want to save. Then, tap on the more button (looks like three horizontal dots.) and choose Copy link to Tweet.

Next, head over to

Then, you will have to paste in the URL of the tweet you want to download. Then, click Download.

Step #2. Now, the MP4 file of the GIF is ready. Copy the link under Download Links for.

Step #3. In order to convert MP4 file to GIF file, go to and click Video to GIF in the menu at the top.

Step #4. Paste the link in the box under Or paste video url and click on Upload.

You have got the option to adjust the size, change frame rate (FPS) to up to 20 seconds and start/end time. You can also change the method—ffmpeg and legacy (old).

Step #5. Once you are done, click on Convert to GIF!

Step #6. Your GIF is ready to be saved as image. Simply right-click on the GIF and save it.

You can optimize the GIF to reduce the size. To do so, simply click on optimize GIF. Then, click on the tiny downward arrow next to Lossy GIF level 30 slight. Next, you can reduce color, drop frame and even optimize transparency.

Once you have perfectly optimized the GIF, simply hover the cursor on it and click on Save to post it on your Pinterest account. From there, you can share it on Facebook or email it to your friend.

That’s done! Now, use the GIF to your best liking.

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What’s your take on Twitter? Share your views in the comments and stay connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus for more such cool posts.

PDF to Word Converter for Android and iPhone: Convert PDF with Complete Freedom

“PDF to Word” lets you convert files with ultra-convenience. Thanks to the superior OCR engine, it is equipped to convert both native and scanned PDFs without any size limitation.

We have all had the luck once or twice in our lives to run up on a PDF file. As you grow older by the day and start having more and more things coming to your email that isn’t just notifications of new friend requests on social media, you will notice the amount of work related emails increase. All those bank account statements, class handouts, receipts and tickets that come in PDF can often time be tricky to work with. One reason for that is this:

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PDF files are read-only files, which means that you can’t do anything remotely fun with them. All you can do is just scroll up and down. That is why Cometdocs has released a ton of new apps in the past couple of years, in the hopes of making the PDF easier to work with and more user-friendly format.

PDF to Word Converter for Android and iPhone

PDF facts

Here are some interesting facts about the Portable Document Format:

  • They are very simple and easy to read, which is the reason they are used to view content.
  • Aside from being as safe as documents get, PDFs can also be password protected.
  • Almost every newer cell phone can open this file format.
  • PDFs can take a huge amount of data while still being small in size, which is why they are often used for content storage in many areas of business.
  • They are very easy to convert to any other format due to their simple coding.

How to convert a PDF to Word on Android and iPhone

There are several ways to convert any file, and recently there have been lots of apps that offer their conversion services, however, none does it as good as PDF to Word. This app was developed by Cometdocs as the final solution to all the problems you may run into. With 3 major updates already implemented, and the 4th one on the horizon, PDF to Word tends to be one of the most often updated converters. Not only that but with minor patches every few weeks, it is more than noticeable that its developers spend no time on nonsense!

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How to convert a PDF to Word

Here is a short list of the features PDF to Word has to offer in version 3.5

  • PDF to Word doesn’t have a limitation on a number of files you can convert.
  • Aside from that, there aren’t any real file size limitations either.
  • You can convert both native and scanned PDFs, due to its powerful OCR engine.
  • Every conversion is done on Cometdocs servers, making the app very battery friendly.
  • All files are deleted from Cometdocs servers 24 hours after conversion.
  • You can import files from Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, and more!

What you see in the image above is the main screen of PDF to Word. From the moment you open this app you are faced with a tough decision: should you go through your phone looking for that file you need converted, or simply pay $2 USD for integrated importing services and make importing files easy as pie. The answer is, of course, the later. This in-app purchase allows you to import any file you want by connecting your account to PDF to Word. Once you are connected, select your desired cloud service by tapping on it.

The app will list all the PDFs you have on the cloud, with the newest on top and older ones are on the bottom. Once you’ve selected the file you want to convert, it is being sent to the Cometdocs server. Complex conversions can take a bit longer to finish at times, depending on how big the file is, how many pages you are converting and how busy the servers are.

Where should I look for PDF to Word?

“PDF to Word” is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app itself is free, and as such it is available to everyone with internet access. The free version will do all the things possible, but purchasing the integrated importing services will make this app ten times more valuable than the two dollars you will pay for the upgrade. You can also upgrade to a lifetime of instant conversions which cost $10 USD and will allow you to access a dedicated server for those that don’t have time to wait for their files to be converted. Make sure you give PDF to Word a try and find it on your App Store and Google Play Store!

Download PDF to Word for iPhoneDownload PDF to Word for Android

Best Android Wear 2.0 Apps

Best Android Wear 2.0 Apps of 2017: Make Your Daily Routine Enjoyable

Now that you can directly download and use various apps on your Android Wear 2.0, we have got some of the best Android Wear 2.0 apps which will set you free.

A rumor about the release date of Android Wear 2.0 has come true, and it is already on sale now. What is different about Android Wear 2.0 then its predecessor is that now the user no longer needs to rely on Android phone to operate apps made for Wear 2.0. Now you can directly download the best Android Wear 2.0 apps to your smartwatch.

You will agree that by downloading only the serious apps which add value to your smartwatch should be the idea. To help you to get some of those serious apps for Android Wear 2.0, we have selected these apps. These apps will certainly change the way you will use your smartwatch and shall help to get rid of your daily routine.

10 Best Android Wear 2.0 Apps 2017

Best Android Wear 2.0 Apps

#1. Foursquare

The Foursquare is now with completely different looks, and it is rocking like anything. It is great to see Foursquare available for Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch as it will only make your search for lots of outing activities. Now you can choose best restaurants offering food and drink in your local area or where you are currently within no time with Foursquare. All in all a great help on your hands, err… wrist.

Price: Free
Download Foursquare

#2. Google Fit – Fitness Tracking

Google Fit - Fitness Tracking AppGoogle Fit, as we all know is a fitness app, but it probably works at its best when it is on Android Wear 2.0. The reason behind it is that when you are wearing the smartwatch and working it can track your health activity. You can count how many calories you burn every day by walking, exercising or running. With this app, one can set a goal of a certain fitness activity and then try to achieve it.

Price: Free
Download Google Fit

#3. Nest

Nest AppNow you need not to pair your phone app to get the Nest working it is very easy to track your home temperature with your Android Wear 2.0 apps. Off course you must have installed the Nest thermostat at home, and then you can control your home heating using the smartwatch itself. If you have a smartwatch having digital crowns like LG Watch Sport or LG Watch Style then you can just adjust the temperature by using the crown.

Price: Free
Download Nest

#4. Recordr – Sound Recorder Pro

Recordr Sound Recorder Pro AppIt is not always possible to note something when you are having plenty on your plate or while you are traveling. So the good idea is to record the important notes you wish to make or convey. With powerful microphone of Android Wear 2.0, it is certainly possible to record anything you wish to. Once you record the note or the message on your smartwatch you can easily transfer or share it to Drive.

Price: Free
Download Recordr

#5. Glide – Video Chat Messenger

Glide Video Chat Messenger AppIf it is easy to send voice messages via Recordr then it is very easy to send video messages from Glide. This app works on the same logic like above. If you wish to convey a short text message to your colleague or friend then why not sending a video message instead? The camera and the mic are so strong that you will get the best results on Android watches like LG Watch Sports.

Price: Free
Download Glide

#6. Google Keep – notes and lists

Google Keep notes and lists AppCan’t remember important things? Or want to make sure to reach at an event on time? Use your Android Wear 2.0 for the solution. Download Google Keep app, and we bet you will not forget anything afterward. You can add reminders and then you probably will not need any calendar for sure. You can list your priorities like going for a haircut or shopping something very important etc. and this app will remind you at a preset time.

Price: Free
Download Google Keep

#7. Lifesum – The Health Movement

Lifesum The Health Movement AppThis app can be very handy for those who can’t control their food habits. This fitness and health app will help you to make good food options and to improve on how you can exercise better. You can set your health goals and build good health habits gradually. The steps given here are also very easy to do, and it will not give you any pressure to achieve. So get a great food and stay healthy.

Price: Free
Download Lifesum

#8. Facebook Messenger

Messenger Android AppThis is a totally different Facebook Messenger app then you get on your Android smartphone. If you wish to keep in touch with your friends via Facebook, always this is the best solution. Sometimes if you are in need to send t a quick reminder or something like that you can do it from your Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch. There is a different interface you will see made especially for smartwatches and for certain features you need to pay a small amount as well.

Price: Free
Download Messenger

#9. Shazam – Discover Music

Shazam Discover Music AppThis is world’s most popular music app and each activity you perform here is free. You can access music, music videos, songs, lyrics and tracks at one tap. You can sync all your devices including your Android Wear 2.0 with Shazam app. The best part of this app is that you can listen to your favorite tracks even when you are offline.

Price: Free
Download Shazam

#10. Find My Parked Car

Find My Parked Car AppFinding your car in a big parking lot is never an easy task, you will all agree. But Find My Parked Car app is making this task rather easy. If you are using this app from your smartwatch, the task is more convenient. Once you park your car just press the park button and your location is saved. When you are back after finishing your work you can open the app and will find the exact location from it.

Price: Free
Download Find My Parked Car

The apps given here will certainly reduce your daily work and will help you to streamline it. You can check these Android Wear 2.0 apps one by one and then decide which one will make your routine easy than what it is now. Share your views on these apps here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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10 Best Facebook Messenger Tips, Tricks and Secrets for Android in 2018

Have you ever used secret conversation feature on Facebook Messenger? Would you like to read messages without being seen on Messenger? Read some exciting tips and tricks to make the most of your Messenger app.

Facebook Messenger is gaining ground among the Android phone and tablet users. In the last year, Facebook has rolled out many cool features to make Messenger more powerful to compete with other chat clients like WhatsApp and Hangouts. To this effect, you can now hide active status, turn off chat heads notifications, send or receive money, play instant games, share location and more in your Messenger app. Read such awesome tips and tricks to make the most of your Messenger app. Check our list of 10 best Facebook Messenger tips, tricks, and secrets for Android users.

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From a simple messaging service, Facebook Messenger app has risen to the status of one of the best chat apps in Android and iOS. You can get the best out of your Messenger app by getting more information. So, here is our list of useful tips and tricks for Facebook Messenger.

Best Facebook Messenger Tips, Tricks and Secrets for Android

Top 10 Best Facebook Messenger Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Tip #1. Hide Active Status

Facebook Messenger displays who is presently active or online to let you instantly contact your friends. It’s a very user-friendly feature, and I appreciate it. But it also exposes your privacy, and especially if you don’t want others to know your last seen or active status. Thankfully, you can hide your active status in Facebook Messenger app.

Toggle to Go Offline to Hide Your Active Status in Facebook Messenger on Android and iPhone

Tip #2. Turn off Chat Heads Notification

Messenger app allows you to quickly receive, read, and reply messages from your Android device without opening the Facebook app. This is cool, but it could be embarrassing to persist showing your private messages over the screen. Hence, most of the people found it disturbing and wanting to turn off Facebook Messenger chat heads notification on their Android.

Turn Off Facebook Messenger Chat Heads on Android

Tip #3. Send/Receive Money

For freelancers and small business owners, this is the most useful feature on Facebook Messenger app. They can quickly transfer money using Messenger app on their Android phones and tablets. Once you add your debit card to the app, you can pay money instantly to your FB friends.

Send and Receive Money in Facebook Messenger on Android

Tip #4. Play Games

How to kill your time creatively? Play Instant games on Facebook Messenger. This sounds a bit crazy. But friends, Facebook has joined hands with many online gaming sites and integrated lots of different games like Tetris, Chess, 8 Ball Poll, Golden Boot, Solitaire, and others. And don’t forget your favorite soccer game on Facebook Messenger!

tap on the soccer ball to launch the game

Tip #5. Share your location

Like WhatsApp live location, Facebook Messenger also allows you to share your current location with your friends. This is a practical feature especially when you have invited someone for dinner or date.

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Share your location in Facebook Messenger on Android

Tip #6. Use Secret conversation

This feature requires a user to use a timer icon during the chat. Once you start a secret conversation with your friends on Facebook Messenger, your chat will disappear after sometime automatically. This will not leave any trail of your conversations as the text messages get deleted on their own. Even if your phone is unlocked and somebody checks your conversation, s/he doesn’t get an idea of what you have chatted on FB messenger.

Use Secret conversation in Facebook Messenger on Android

Tip #7. Change Emojis

Facebook Messenger has got its own emojis you can use instead of your phone’s default emojis. Young users like to express their emotions with emojis as they don’t want to type long phrases. You can now change Facebook Messenger emojis on your Android device.

Change Emojis in Facebook Messenger on Android

Tip #8. Read messages without being seen

Want to secretly read the message without being seen on Messenger? Facebook Messenger now allows you to read messages without being seen on your Messenger in your Android phone. If you don’t want the sender know you have read his/her message, you can use this feature and read messages without being seen.

Enable banner notifications on Android Phone

Tip #9. Voice and Video call

For every chat app, it has become an essential feature. Facebook doesn’t want to lag behind the competition, and therefore, the social media giant introduced this feature of voice and video calling in Messenger app. Want to use the two features? Download Messenger app on your Android phone and then simply tap on call button for voice call and video icon for video calls.

Voice and Video call in Facebook Messenger on Android

Tip #10. Send big thumbs up

During your conversation with your bosom friends, you become so excited that you want to show this excitement on the phone screen. Well, you can send big thumbs up to your friends or colleagues on your Facebook Messenger. For this purpose, you need to press and hold the Like button (thumb); this will increase the size of the thumb. Next, release your finger, and the big thumb will be sent to your friend.

Send big thumbs up in Facebook Messenger on Android

That’s all friends!

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Summing up…

Messenger app has seen a lot of new features recently. Since the competition is growing, Facebook will keep innovating. It is users’ advantage at the end of the day. Which Messenger feature do you like the most? Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

How to Switch from Windows Phone to Android Phone?

Switching from Windows phone to Android Phone has become a pretty easy task. Head over to find out how it works.

Switching a phone platform is indeed a big decision as you might be habituated living with Windows for a quite long time. But, if you are tired of adjusting and trying to live with the frustrations you are facing in between, there is a simple solution, switch from Windows Phone to Android Phone.

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Why migrate to Android?

We, humans, need a reason for everything, so, the foremost reason to migrate to Android is none other than is openness and user-friendliness. Windows is certainly a good operating system but to survive in this fast-moving world of technology, and you need a faster-working smartphone. While Windows still lacks that pace. The second reason is Microsoft itself have allowed Android and iOS to have its exclusive apps, leaving no big reason for us to stay with Windows. The good part is that this migration won’t uproot you completely from Windows. You can switch to Android and still be with Microsoft if you want. So how is this dual affair possible? Don’t worry we’ve got you all covered.

How to Switch from Windows Phone to Android PhoneHow to Switch from Windows Phone to Android Phone?

The only requirement to migrate to Android is you’ve to make an association with Google, i.e., you must have a Gmail account and sync your Outlook contacts and calendar to it.

How to set up mail?

Step #1. Create a Gmail account (Note: If you already have one you’re good to go, if not, signup here.)

Step #2. Go to Settings → Tap on Accounts on your Android phone.

Tap on Account on AndroidStep #3. Tap on ‘+ Add account’ option.

Tap on Add account on AndroidStep #4. Next, Select “Exchange”.

Select Exchange on AndroidStep #5. Enter your Outlook email address and password.

Enter your Outlook email address and password on AndroidStep #6. Tick on “Sync contacts” and “Sync calendar” to set up your account.

Your Outlook contacts and calendar will then sync to your device, and you will have all that data on Android.

How to Sync Outlook Contacts on Android?

Step #1. Sign in to

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Step #2. Now, click on “People”.

Click on People option in OutlookStep #3. Next, Go to “Manage drop-down and then Select “Export contacts.”

Go to Manage then Select Export Contact in OutlookStep #5. Click on “Export”.

Your entire contacts will be saved as a single CSV file. To import them into your Google Account;

Step #1. Visit

Step #2. Sign in with your account.

Step #3. Click “More”.

Click on More in Google ContactStep #4. Select “Import”.

Select Import in Google ContactStep #5. Click on the CSV file you saved.

Step #6. Click “Import” to sync your contacts.

Step #7. Click More → Find & merge duplicates to delete any duplicate contacts.

How to transfer your data from Windows Phone to Android?

You can transfer all your data, simply by connecting your Windows phone to your PC and then copy it to your Android device. Or else, you can seek help from a third party app like SHAREit, which works on both Windows Phone and Android. To transfer it through SHAREit:

Step #1. Open the SHAREit app on your Android device.

Transfer your data from Windows Phone to Android using SHAREit appStep #2. Tap on “Receive” button to receive files from other devices.

Step #3. Launch the SHAREit app on your Windows Phone.

Step #4. Tap on “Send” to send files.

Step #5. Now, connect to a WiFi Hotspot created by SHAREit on Windows Phone to send files.

Step #6. Select the files you want to send.

Step #7. Tap “Send”.

Step #8. Tap on the name of the device you wish to send the files.

How to stay connected to Microsoft services?

If you want to use Outlook, Office or any other Microsoft services, you can install Microsoft’s own Android launcher and lock screen. You can get all the applications of Microsoft easily on Google Play Store or download all of its other apps through its one single app.


Windows or Android both have their pros and cons. But Android does have few special reasons to migrate to. Do share your experience of transferring after reading this guide in the comment section below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. We will be happy to hear you.

How to Get Blob Emojis in Whatsapp and Telegram on Android Oreo

Want to get back the Blob emojis on Android Oreo device? There is a way you can get blob emojis in Whatsapp and Telegram on Android Oreo 8.0 device. Let’s check out how it works.

Emojis are a fun way to express your sentiment without using text. And Google has redesigned its Emojis in its latest Android Oreo update. But, there are still so many people are struggling to get back the blob Emojis in WhatsApp and Telegram App on their Android Oreo devices. I guess if you are here, you must be one of them.

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There are a Substratum and Andromeda app available which allow you to bring some customization on your Android Oreo device. It will also make possible to tweak the font-file app basic. Thus, you will be able to get the blob emojis on Android Oreo without rooting your device. Though, it needs to use theme specifically for individual apps.

Let’s get started and go through the process of how to install widely-used blob emojis on Android Oreo in the most popular apps- Whatsapp and Telegram.
Get Blob Emojis in Whatsapp and Telegram on Android Oreo

How to Get Blob Emojis in Whatsapp and Telegram on Android Oreo 8.0

Quick Links:

Steps to Setup Andromeda and install Substratum themes on Android Oreo


  • Download and install the Substratum Theme Engine on your Android Oreo device from Google Play Store.
  • Download and install the Andromeda add-ons for Substratum theme which is available for just $2.49, you can get it from Google Play Store.
  • Download the Andromeda desktop-client on your PC from here.

Andromeda thread for Substratum

Step #1. Go to SettingsDeveloper optionenable USB debugging.

If you are not sighted developer option in the settings, then go to SystemAbout Phone → tap on the Build Number 7 to 8 times. Now you will see the developer option on your device.

Step #2. Go to app drawer and launch “Andromeda,” you will see there “Connection status” as “Disconnected.”

Step #3. Connect your phone to PC via USB cable.

Step #4. Run Andromeda client on your PC that you have downloaded earlier.

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  • On Windows PC: Open the start-andromeda.bat file. Grant it administrator rights and you will see a command prompt once you press enter. Then, you will see a lot ADB commands be sent. These commands are set up the Andromeda add-ons to let you use your computer independently.
  • On Mac: Locate the folder where you have downloaded the Andromeda client and double click on “Andromedaclient-Mac-3.2.dmg”. Now the mac installer windows will open, double-click on “”. Now it will ask you to select the disk image of mounted Andromeda client. Click on “Continue” and select “Andromeda” from the “device” list. After all, click on “Done.”
  • On Linux: Run the “” script file that you have downloaded. You will see a terminal window open up and few commands running.

Step #5. Once you have done with Andromeda client on your PC, you will see the Substratum app open up on your phone, and it shows the “Connected” status.

Step #6. Now you have completely installed Andromeda on your both devices. Want

After successfully completing above steps, follow below steps to get blob emojis in WhatsApp

Steps to Get Blob emojis in Whatsapp on Android Oreo device

Once you have successfully installed substratum theme engine with the Andromeda add-on, you will need to install the [Substratum] WA Emoji Changer app on your device to get the blog emojis. It is specially designed to change the emojis in WhatsApp. There are total 5 emoji packs- AndroidO, EmojiOne, GoogleNougat, HTC10, and Twitter available in the app.

Let me show the process to install blob emojis in WhatsApp, just follow the below steps:

Step #1. Download and install [Substratum] WA Emoji Changer app on your phone.

Step #2. Next, launch the “substratum” from app drawer and scroll down the list of installed themes and select “WA Emoji Changer”.

Step #3. Tap on the checkbox next to “WhatsApp” and then tap on “Select to toggle all overlays” button.

Step #4. Now press the drop-down menu with “Choose One” and select “GoogleNougat” to bring the Blob Emojis.

Step #5. Next, tap on paint roller icon at the bottom right screen of the app and select “Build & Enable” to install.

Step #6. Wait for the few seconds to complete the installation. You’re done!

Now, open WhatsApp to enjoy your old beloved blob emojis on your Android Oreo device.

Steps to Get Blob emojis in Telegram on Android Oreo device

Likewise the [Substratum] WA Emoji Changer app, here you will need to [Substratum] Sai’s Fresh Theme app to install blob emojis on Telegram. It will let you modify the default Telegram emojis to your favorite blob-style emojis. Here’s how to install it:

Step #1. Download and [Substratum] Sai’s Fresh Theme app from Google Play Store.

Step #2. Next, launch the “substratum” from app drawer and select “Sai’s Fresh Theme”.

Step #3. Look for the “Telegram” and tap on the checkbox.

Step #4. Now press the drop-down menu and select “Blobs”.

Step #5. Tap on paint roller icon and choose “Build & Enable”.

Step #6. Wait for the few seconds to apply the theme. That’s it!

Now open the Telegram app and start to use the blob emojis on your Android Oreo phone.
You’re done!


This is how you can get the older blob emojis in your favorite apps on your Android phone. If you like the post, do share with your friends who have been seeking the same. Have any feedback? Drop us the comment.