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Apple Watch Series 2 Features, Specifications and Price: Superior Performance Excels the Expectation

Excited about the new Apple Watch Series 2 being called a new swimming watch? Know all the features and specifications along with the price.

Apple Watch Series 2 Features

The much awaited “See you on the 7th” Apple Event finally happened on Wednesday and Apple has announced the Apple Watch Series 2 in that event. The new Apple Watch will have the dual-core processor and also up to 50-meter water resistance. With double the brighter display and GPS along with other features the Series 2 will be the thing to own in coming days.

This wearable from Apple has many things to offer and right now you can get all the information about its major features, specifications and price right here, right now!

Apple Watch Series 2 Features

Apple Watch Series 2 Features, Specifications, and Price

Water resistance up to 50 meters

The new Apple Watch Series will be swim proof and it can resist the water till 50 meters. Now you can enjoy your swimming without any tension by wearing this new wearable from Apple. The speakers on the watch are redesigned to push the water out. This is not it, the new watch will now record your swimming timings and reset it accordingly.

New Chip

This S2 watch will have a new chip. It has a Dual-core processor which will make it 50% faster. It will also double the graphics performance as well.

Double the Brightness of Display

The latest Apple Watch will have a double brightness of display. Apple has claimed that it is the brightest display it has offered till date at 1000 units, so now it will be very easy to look into your watch in direct sunlight.

Built in GPS

Now you need not to get connected with iPhone to know about mappings as this new Apple Watch has inbuilt GPS. Previously it was reported that Apple was not willing to provide this feature as it will give more load to the already strained battery.

New Ceramic Finish

The Apple Watches come in Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Gold cases. This latest entrant will be available in the ceramic finish too. Moreover, you can choose bands from Hermes and Nike as well. The Nike bands are made especially for the runners.


Here comes the most important part of this article. The original Series 1 Watch from Apple starts from $269 and the latest Apple Watch Series 2 will start at $369. The preorders will start from 9th September and OS 3 is available from 13th September.

Hope you have already been bowled over by the features of the new Apple Watch Series 2. Just preorder your new ‘swimming watch’ and enjoy its new features before anyone else does.

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How to Automatically Pause or Resume Running Workouts in watchOS 3 on Apple Watch

How to Automatically Pause/Resume Running Workouts on Apple Watch

How do you automatically pause/resume running workouts in watchOS 3 on Apple Watch? Check out these quick steps to get it done.

With watchOS 3, you can automatically pause or resume workouts on your Apple Watch. Once you have enabled “Running Auto Pause”, your indoor or outdoor running workouts will be auto-paused when you stop moving and resume when you begin to move again.

If you want to track your activity more accurately, then “Running Auto Pause” will be very helpful for you. Better still, it’s much easier than getting it done manually. Here is how it works:

How to Automatically Pause or Resume Running Workouts in watchOS 3 on Apple Watch

How to Automatically Pause/Resume Running Workouts in watchOS 3 on Apple Watch

Step #1. Launch the Watch app on your paired iPhone.

Launch the Watch app on your paired iPhone

Step #2. Make sure My Watch tab is selected.

Make sure My Watch tab is selected

Step #3. Next, you need to tap on Workout.

Tap on Workout

Step #4. Now, turn ‘On’ the switch next to Running Auto Pause.

Turn on the switch next to Running Auto Pause

How to Manually Pause/Resume Workouts in watchOS 3

No longer want to automatically pause/resume workouts? Turn off the Running Auto Pause (My Watch → Workout → Running Auto Pause). Then, you need to simply press the Digital Crown and the Side button at once on your watch while in the Workout app in order to manually pause or resume workout.

That’s done!

WatchOS 3 is a major update. There are several very user-friendly features which make it a lot better than its predecessors. You can add third-party complications to your Apple Watch, add and remove watch faces as desired in order to customize the Watch.

Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch in the world thanks to its advanced features and the ability to be a handy extension to iPhone. However, there are some areas where the watch can still be improved. As for instance, the wearable device relies on iPhone to carry out a number of important functionalities like software update. It would be nice if Apple reduces this over-reliance on iPhone.

What do you expect from Apple Watch Series 3? Do let us know your feedback in the comments below and stay connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus for more such helpful posts.

How to Hard and Factory Reset Apple Watch

How to Hard and Factory Reset Apple Watch in Few Easy Steps

Don’t worry if your Apple Watch is giving you headaches. Just follow this tutorial on hard and factory reset and get it back to work.

No electronic gadget comes to you without having any problem, and Apple gadgets are also one of them. When you don’t find a way you always go for the last resort of ‘reset’ so that you can start using the smart gadget again. Even Snapchat Spectacles need a reset sometimes. Especially on iPhone and iPad, the ‘reset’ term has a broad meaning as there are many ways to reset those gadgets.

But, today we are going to talk about Apple Watch which thankfully has only two resets, one is a hard reset and the other is factory reset. As we mentioned above that just like any other Apple gadget at times Apple Watch too gets a freeze, crash or its screen goes black. One might also experience random errors as well.

How to Hard and Factory Reset Apple Watch

How to Hard and Factory Reset Apple Watch

In such a scenario hard reset and factory resets are the main and only saviors for you. In this tutorial, we will learn how to process both the resets in a simple procedure.

How to Hard Reset the Apple Watch

Step #1. Take off your Apple Watch from your wrist.

Step #2. Press the Home (or digital crown) button and the side button at the same time.

Step #3. Continue doing Step #2 till you see a black screen.

Step #4. Let go both the buttons if you see your watch has started booting up.

If your Apple Watch has booted up after the process completed then your problem is solved. If it doesn’t boot up then wait to do another process before running towards Apple Store to fix it. This process is called Factory Reset.

How to Factory Reset the Apple Watch

Remember: Before you proceed further for this reset you must know that Factory Reset will erase all your existing data.

Step #1. Go to Settings → General → Reset

Step #2. Tap on ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ button.

Step #3. Enter your Passcode to proceed.

Step #4. Scroll down and confirm that you want to erase all your data.

Now your Apple Watch should turn back to ON and it is back in the mode when you bought it. Now you need to pair it with your iPhone again.


Both the hard reset and the factory reset the Apple Watch are the last resorts to make your watch working again. It is also a good way for you stop rushing to Apple Store time and again to solve every problem you face.

Were you also facing some problem and needed to know how you can get your Apple Watch back to life? If that was the case then we would love to know from you that how this tutorial has helped you in resolving your problem. Your feedback is welcomed here in the comments and also on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

How to Increase Productivity Using Android Smartwatch

These incredibly helpful apps can play a massive role in boosting your productivity using Android Smartwatch.

How to Increase Productivity Using Android Wear

The Smartwatch has redefined the way people used to look at watches. With the ability to track your fitness, alert you about your upcoming events and become your most personal assistant, the smartwatch is supremely advanced.

I have been using Android Wear for quite some time. It has played a significant role in increasing my productivity. If you are looking to maximize the usability of your smartwatch, try out these ultra-modern Android Wear apps to rev up the productivity.

How to Increase Productivity Using Android Wear

How to Increase Productivity Using Android Wear

#1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist To-Do List & Tasks Android AppWunderlist can play a huge role in helping you complete your tasks and achieve a goal. The Android Wear app allows you to swipe through your lists and then mark items off as completed or launch them on your smartphone for more details.

You can easily share lists with your friends or colleagues. It lets you attach photos, PDFs, presentations with your lists. There are two features such as, simplicity and cross-platform strength that make Wunderlist special.

Wunderlist has a paid model for business use. The pro version has several advanced features like setting due dates, organizing content by hashtags, and making comments on one another’s to-dos. Pro, as well as business upgrades, are available for $5 per month or $50 per year.

Download Wunderlist

#2. Todoist

Todoist_ To-Do List, Task List Android AppTodoist is the perfect asset you would want to boost your productivity with optimum convenience. It has been primed to assist you with time management, prioritization as well as motivation through its highly impressive Zen feature.

This app allows you to sort your to-dos by assigning them to a date, thereby allowing you to glance at the week or month ahead. You will get alerts on your watch about impending events. You can make Todoist the default voice action for “OK Google and easily take a note” in the Android Wear app.

Though Todoist is free, a number of innovative features require a $29 annual subscription.

Download Todoist

Make the Most of ‘OK Google’

By making the most of Google voice commands, you can get the best out of your Android wear. As for instance, simply say “OK Google, remind me to email John at 4.00 PM tomorrow” and it will immediately appear in Google Now, Inbox as well as Calendar.

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Two Funny To-Do Apps

There are two very nice apps like Habitica and EpicWin which can be very helpful in boosting your productivity.

#3. Habitica

Habitica_ Gamify Your Tasks Android AppUsing Habitica, you will be able to input your Habits, your Daily goals, and your To-Do list, and then be able to create a custom avatar. Complete tasks to level up your avatar and unlock features like armor, pets, skills, and even quests.

Download Habitica

#4. EpicWin

EpicWin RPG style to-do list Android AppWith EpicWin, you can make the to-do list with a role-playing game spin. There are so many avatars to level-up with. Besides, there are points and rewards for successfully completing the tasks on your to-do list.

Download EpicWin

#5. Calculator for Android Wear

Calculator For Android Wear AppWhat about having a handy calculator app for your smartwatch? Though using a calculator on the tiny screen would be a bit difficult, it’s worth giving a shot.

“The Calculator For Android Wear” comes with a second page with advanced functions. For certain things like calculating a quick sale percentage or tip at a restaurant, it can be very useful.

Download Calculator for Android Wear

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Which one of these apps has been able to win you over? Do let us know in the comments below or Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.

How to Install Custom Watch Faces on Android Wear Smartwatch

Do you know that now you can have the custom watch faces for your Android Wear Smartwatch by installing them from your PC? No? Then follow these simple steps.

How to Install Android Wear Custom Faces

The best thing about Android Wear Watches is its capability to swap faces. Unlike any other smartwatches which do not allow you to create custom faces or you need to have some coding capability. As far as Android Wear is concerned it comes with some of the better workarounds and they are relatively easy to follow.

Android Wear gives you endless possibilities to customize the interface and the entire look of it. Whether you have a round or a square face watch the possibility to choose colors and face options is many and they are actually waiting for you. Even if you are having an iPhone device, you can use them as well. As a matter of fact, an Android Wear provides a better wearable experience than the Apple Watch itself and it works better in many ways as well.

How to Install Android Wear Custom Faces

How to Install Android Wear Custom Faces from Various OS

Before we start to know the process, let us tell you that if you want to install the custom face on your smartphone then sideload any APK file directly to the Android Wear smartwatch. If you have already done that, then follow the steps given below.

Step #1. First download and install Developer tools on the Windows, OS X or Linux PC.

Step #2. To enable the developer mode on the Android Watch follow this: Open Settings, Tap on the About, Keep tapping on the Build Number till it shows that you are a developer.

Step #3. Now to enable or activate ADB Debugging, in the Settings menu click on the Developer Options.

Step #4. First take the APK file on the Android Watch which should be sideloaded already. Now change the file extension from .apk to .zip

Step #5. Extract the zip file and find the actual APK file. To do that find it in /res/raw.

If you haven’t exercised the above then connect your Android Watch to the computer via a USB. If you are using the Linux PC the OS X steps should be similar. All you need to do is to follow those steps and with the identity of the boot disk & terminal you need to substitute MacIntosh HD with compatible command.

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Installing on OS x

Step #1. Connect your Android Watch with the computer via a USB.

Step #2. Go to MacIntosh HD → Application → Utilities.

Step #3. Enter the actual location of the APK file you want to sidelong or just drag the APK into the window phase or use this path: ./adb install/MacIntosh/HD/Locationofapk/apk.apk

Step #4. Tap on Enter and let the adb do the remainder of the process.

How to install it with Windows

Step #1. Type cmd in search which will open up the command prompt.

Step #2. Now type down adb devices. This will let your computer sees your Android Watch. You may also see a serial no with your handset besides it.

Step #3. Add command adb install but don’t click ENTER.

Step #4. Install the APK you have already sideloading. You can even drag it to the window or you can type this path C:UsersBestUserEverlocationofapkapk.apk

Step #5. Tap on enter and let your system do the rest.

Now your Android Watch face is installed in your Android Wear handset and now you can select it by pressing and holding the watch face till it shows the screen to select from.

Hope you have liked this tutorial and will now be able to set a custom face for your Android Wear. Do share your experience with us in comments below or Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.

smart watch buying guide

Smart Watch Buying Guide For The Gadget Freaks In 2016

With smartwatch industry booming for quite a while now, gadget freaks are left confused. They have now large options to choose from.

Smart Watch Buying Guide For The Gadget Freaks

smart watch buying guide

Top companies like Apple and Android leading the market. Users also have a number of options for designer ones from Nixon, Fossil and Casio. This has left the people overwhelmed to choose the right gadget that fits their needs. If you are confused and looking for a smart watch then here is your guide to finding the best wrist wear.

Apple Watch series 2

Apple watch series 2 comes with some good up-gradation and it is concentrating more on fitness and health. Moreover, it comes with GPS which allows you to track your running without having to carry your iPhone everywhere.

Interested in swimming? No issues, the new series 2 is totally waterproof and you can definitely take it to the pool. The company is trying to improve and rectify its previous mistakes with Apple watch series 2 by trying to make it more interactive on daily basis.

Many users may argue that series 2 is not the best, but you cannot ignore the features it has to offer you. When it comes to price you can easily save good amount just by making use of Currys discount vouchers from Dealslands.co.uk while shopping.

Huawei Watch

Huawei Watch comes with an impressive screen with AMOLED display. It is the first of the kind from the company and must say the best one till date as an Android wear. The smooth finish and sleek look is definitely gaining it the market.

Samsung Gear S2

Whether it is about the looks or the functions, you can definitely opt for Samsung Gear S2 for its slick looks and fine rotating bezel. The Gear S2 comes with GPS feature for which it turns out to be a bit costly.

Still, if you are happy without that, go for its standard version. Last but not the least, if you have a Samsung smartwatch, Samsung Gear S2 will be your good choice.

Sony SmartWatch 3

If you are looking for a cheaper and affordable wrist wearable gadget then Sony SmartWatch 3 is just right for you. The watch comes with built-in GPS connectivity, which gives you the leisure to leave it at home if you want. You can find the collection that fits your sporting style while the steel edition helps you set the class.

Tag Heuer Connected

If there is no money restraint then nothing can beat the classic collection from Tag Heuer Connected. They are high in quality with an Intel touch. The watch looks just like any regular Tag Heuer collection, but when you take a close look you can find what it has to offer you.

Garmin Viviactive HR

If you are a sportsperson then Garmin smart watch collection can be definitely a good addition to your fitness regime. You can now track your heart beat and know how much calories you have burned throughout the day.

Like its predecessor, you can easily track your daily activities with the 24*7 activity tracker. A number of fitness apps for swimming, running, cycling and other sports activities are present in the smart watch. Better battery life, GPS connection and facility to add more apps are its plus points.

Polar M600

Polar M600 is definitely an Android Wear, but firstly it is a polar running watch. You can track your running as well as your workout sessions. Again, the GPS run tracking on the watch as well as statistics and metrics make it the best app for running.

The SmartWatch industry is flourishing and so you will soon find some new addition to the list. You may never know what all new things they may have to offer you. But you will always have this opportunity to get your favorite smart-watch at a discounted rate from Dealslands.

Till then, just go through this list and choose the right smartwatch that satisfies your needs.

How to DHow to Download and Install Pokémon Go for Apple Watchownload and Install Pokémon Go for Apple Watch

How to Download and Install Pokémon Go for Apple Watch

If you have loved playing Pokémon Go on your iPhone, you would be really delighted to have a go at it on your Apple Watch as well. So what are you waiting for mate?

After a long wait, Pokémon Go is finally available for Apple Watch. Having enjoyed playing this game on iPhone a lot, I just couldn’t help getting started with this exciting game on the smartwatch.

With Pokémon Go for Apple Watch installed on your wearable device, you can get notifications and collect items right from the Watch. I’m sure you are also willing to have a go at this game on your smartwatch, aren’t you? So, let’s head over to download and install Pokémon Go for Apple Watch!

How to DHow to Download and Install Pokémon Go for Apple Watchownload and Install Pokémon Go for Apple Watch

How to Download Pokémon Go App for Apple Watch

Step #1. Launch App Store on your iPhone.

Step #2. Search Pokémon Go. Once the game app appears, download it on your smartphone just like any other app.

Download Pokemon Go App on your iPhone

How to Enable Pokémon Go on Apple Watch

In order to use Pokémon Go on your wearable device, you will have to enable it via the Watch app on your iPhone.

Step #1. Once you have successfully downloaded Pokémon Go app on your device. Launch Watch app on your iPhone.

Launch Watch app on your iPhone

Step #2. Next, you need to scroll down to the bottom and tap on Pokémon Go.

Scroll down to the bottom and tap on Pokémon Go

Step #3. Now, turn on the switch next to Show App on Apple Watch.

Turn on the switch next to Show App on Apple Watch

How to Allow Pokémon Go for Apple Watch to Access HealthKit Data

Ready to start using Pokémon Go on your Apple Watch? You would first need to allow it run in the background to let it access HealthKit data, count your activity.

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on Privacy.

Step #3. Tap on Health.

Step #4. Next, you need tap on Pokémon Go.

Step #5. Tap on the switches next to each category to enable them.

Note: You can allow Pokémon Go to access the HealthKit data from the stock Health app as well. To do so, open Health app → Sources tab.

That’s it!

If you love playing Pokémon Go, must check out these best tips and tricks to play this game like a pro. If you wish to play it on your Windows PC or Mac, head over to this post. You may also want to have a look at these cool Pokémon Go accessories to let you spice up the gaming experience.

Have any feedback? It would be nice to have that in the comments below. For more such interesting posts, stay connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

    Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners: Improve Your Cleaning Power Right Now

    Are you ready to start making your home smart? Check this post to fine the best robotic vacuums cleaners.

    Today, in the world of advanced technology, everyone now depends on the several devices to reduce human labours. There are dozens of advanced devices like smartphones, refrigerators, washing machines, video door bell, and robotic vacuum cleaners are available in the market. But, today, we are here to talk about the best robotic vacuum cleaners to take over the pressure of the disgusting task and clean up your home or office space.

    Whether you’re searching for the smart duster of a floor or heavy duty piece of robotic vacuums cleaner, here you will get the right idea to spend money on the product which is suitable to your choice. We have picked the top robotic vacuums cleaners which have a stronger suction, better edge cleaning capabilities, and improved programming to improve your cleaning power. Let’s get on to the list of the handy robotic vacuums cleaner to decide your wants.

    Best Robotic Vacuum CleanersBest Robotic Vacuums Cleaners

    Robotic Vacuums Cleaners 

    #1. iRobot Roomba 690 Wi-Fi Connected Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

    iRobot has previously announced to bring Alexa on its 980 Roomba model, and now they are expanding to provide Wi-Fi functionality to its Roomba 960. It provides three-stage cleaning system with edge swapping brush specialty. Check out more features below:

    iRobot Roomba 690 Wi-Fi Connected Robotic Vacuum CleanerKey Features

    • You can control your Roomba vacuum with Google Assistance and Amazon Alexa with Wi-Fi connected functionality.
    • It offers three-stage cleaning system loosen, lifts and suction dirt.
    • The lithium ion battery offers up to 3x battery life.
    • The iRobot HOME app lets you set schedule to clean up and you can preset to vacuum up to seven times per week.
    • The iAdapt Navigate sensor allows your robot to clean up in a way in around the nooks and crannies.

    Checkout Price

    #2. ECOVACS DEEBOT M80 Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

    Are you tired of boring task of floor cleaning? Here’s the new advanced floor cleaning ECOVACS DEEBOT M80 robotic vacuum cleaner for you. It is equipped with a dustbin and intensive cleaning system. It can wash more carefully and for longer to having to empty trash. Check out more features here:

    ECOVACS DEEBOT M80 Pro Robotic Vacuum CleanerKey Features

    • It provides five cleaning stages and optional mopping and drying stages to tackle even the most stubborn dirt.
    • Its high-efficiency filter can clean dust, debris, and allergens more efficiently.
    • You can also set a schedule for daily cleaning at a particular time.
    • Its advanced sensor can stairs and furniture while cleaning.
    • It can also climb incline and cross doorsills with its great wheels.

    Checkout Price

    #3. Eufy RoboVac 11

    Looking for the best affordable robotic vacuums cleaner? Eufy RoboVac 11 is one of the very budget friendly robotic vacuum cleaner with a great cleaning performance. It is same as Roomba. It a thinner, so it can fit everywhere. Check out more features below:

    eufy robotic vacuum cleanerKey Features

    • It has versatile cleaning modes and low profile design to clean up under tables and every nooks and cranny.
    • The high capacity of Li-on battery offers 1.5 hours of face free power consumption.
    • It provides three stages of cleaning system-side brushes, a rolling brush and powerful section.
    • The anti-scratch tempered glass provides better protection to you robotic vacuums cleaner.
    • It also has infrared- sensor to avoid obstacles and the drop sensing technology to avoid falls.

    Checkout Price

    #4. ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

    ILIFE V3s is one of the reasonable priced robotic vacuum cleaners. It has sweeps and mobs features that can clean up your floor even in the lowest furniture and also pick up pet hair. It is specially designed for families who keeps pets. Check out its more features below:

    ilife robotic vacuum cleanerKey Features

    • It has 3-inch sleek design that lets you clean more hard to reach the place.
    • The ILIFE V3s also removes pet hair from hardwood and carpet.
    • The low profile design clean dust from under the bed, sofa and another side where dirt hides.
    • It also has the anti-bump functionality to avoid from drops.
    • Its remote control facility can help you to operate the device easily.

    Checkout Price

    #5. Samsung POWERbot R9000 Robot Vacuum

    The POWERbot R9000 Robot Vacuum is the excellent robotic vacuum clear which offers overall cleaning. It has a powerful function which offers option cleaning result. Is also has visual mapping plus feature to avoid obstacles and create optimal cleaning path.

    Key Features

    • The powerful suction offers optimal cleaning result with 10x more suction power then the other robotic vacuum cleaner.
    • It has CycloneForce technology get consistent power with less clogging.
    • The Easy Pass Wheels features can avoid obstacles during the cleaning process.
    • The Combo Brush function is specially designed to pick up hair with fewer tangles.
    • The washable filter features make for easy and cost-effective maintenance.

    Checkout Price

    #6. ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

    The N79 robotic model from ECOVACS with the Smart motion system and multiple cleaning modes which cover more floor area with the right cleaning method for the task. One of the best thing about this cleaner that it had ECOVACS app to control the ever aspect of the clean with the robotic vacuums cleaner.

    ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum CleanerKey Features

    • It has multiple cleaning modes to gives the more advanced cleaning.
    • You can easily adapt to any job on your hand and thoroughly clean floors with its advanced technology.
    • You can connect with the machine every time with the ECOVACS app during the whole cleaning process.
    • The V-shaped main brush of the device can achieve more lifting and deeper cleaning.

    Checkout Price

    #7. INLIFE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

    INLIFE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is one of the slim body design and has strong suction power help you to clear up your hard floor quickly and also pick up all pets hair, dirt and debris. Check out it’s more features below:

    INLIFE Robotic Vacuum CleanerKey Features

    • It had the strong suction with dual side brushed to clean up all dust, pick up all pets hair and debris.
    • The mopping characteristics of the device can clean off pawn prints, small liquid spills, and grime quickly.
    • It also has an auto rechargeable function to recharge automatically when power runs low.
    • The anti-bump technology can protect your device from dropping.
    • The five programmed cleaning mode can help you to clean your place more thoroughly.
    • You can easily start, stop and change the mode with a touch screen or remote functionality.
    • The lower profile design of the device can clean up your under furniture, sofa, and another hard area.

    Checkout Price

    #8. DIQEE A3 Robotic vacuum cleaner 2.4″ Ultra SLIM

    This robotic vacuums cleaner is one of the thinnest devices with 2.4-inch ultra slim. It is gaunt compared to other robotic vacuum cleaners. Well, its small and sleek design can help you to clean up your floor more efficiently because it can easily fit under furniture or another corner. Here are some more features:

    DIQEE A3 Robotic vacuum cleanerKey features

    • It is integrated with five groups of ultrasonic radar can find the objects in its way and navigate around then while cleaning.
    • It has five cleaning system, the new S-shaped enabled by an integrated gyro sensor, auto cleaning, spot cleaning, only cleaning and perishable cleaning.
    • Its upgraded 1200Pad engine to pick up pets hair, furs, particle and more dirt very efficiently.
    • It has 150 ML water tank with three controllable spray holes
    • It had 3000mAh Lithium-ion battery capacity so that you can use for minimum 90-120 minutes.

    Checkout Price

    #9. iRobot Roomba 880 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

    Roomba 880 is one of the most advanced robotic multi cleaner vacuums cleaner from iRobot. It offers multi-sensor technology with high efficient vacuum and dual rotating brush functionality to clean up dirt from your floor. Check out more features below:

    iRobot Roomba 880 Robotic Vacuum CleanerKey Features

    • It had iAdapt Multi-Room navigation sensor to navigate and adapt your changing room.
    • It includes a virtual wall lighthouse beacons to room to room cleaning up to 3 rooms.
    • The AerForce 3 stage cleaning system provide 50% more cleaning performance.
    • It had Tangle-fee features to avoid hairs and debris clogs.
    • The AeroForce high-efficiency filters of the device trap fine dirt and dust.

    Checkout Price

    #10. RolliBot BL618 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

    The RolliBot BL618 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is designed to sweep, mob, vacuum and UV sterilization to face all messes in your house. It featured dual sweeper to provide powerful vacuums. You can easily clean up all dust, dirt, hair and debris and other harmful allergies from your place. Check out it’s more features below:

    RolliBot BL618 Robotic Vacuum CleanerKey Features

    • The Hepa Air Filter function of the device can remove all allergies, dirt, and dust to create a healthy environment.
    • It has Super Quiet Intelligent Cleaning which uses ten sensors and four deep cleaning mode and locates all type trash and avoid obstacles.
    • The wireless remote control can help you to operate machine easily and use it to start, stop, steer and switch cleaning mode.
    • It has a washable dustbin and brush, so you can easily clean up and maintain your robotic vacuum cleaner.

    Checkout Price

    Well, this is the list of top 10 best robotic vacuums cleaners. We hope that you have made a right choice from the above list. Tell us which is your favourite? If we have missed any best quality robotic vacuums cleaners, then you can tell us through comments.

    How to Enable Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch

    How to Enable Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch: Get the Notification Without Getting Notified!

    The simple procedure given here will let you know how to enable Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch.

    Yes, the title of this article might sound strange to you but it is a fact that you can use Do Not Disturb (DND) feature on your Apple Watch for exactly the same. This feature is actually opposite to ‘Mute’ feature where you will not receive notifications at all. With Do Not Disturb feature you will receive the notifications but then they will be delivered to you only when you want them to.

    So when you are watching a movie, in a long hard meeting or with family when you don’t want to get disturbed but yet don’t want to miss a single chance to remain informed this feature will be extremely useful for you. Sounds interesting? Then let us know more about it and on how to enable Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch.

    How to Enable Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch

    How to Enable Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch

    You need to activate the Do Not Disturb feature on your iPhone and Apple Watch. So here is the procedure explain in few easy steps.

    How to Enable Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch App from iPhone

    Step #1. Launch Apple Watch App on your iPhone.

    Step #2. Now scroll down and tap on General.

    Tap on General

    Step #3. You will find Do Not Disturb tab, tap on it.

    Tap on Do Not Disturb

    Step #4. Toggle Mirror iPhone option to ON.

    Toggle Mirror iPhone option to ON

    How to Enable Do Not Disturb Mode on Apple Watch

    Step #1. Press the Digital Crown till you get to the watch face.

    Step #2. Swipe up and bring Control Center.

    Step #3. Tap on Do Not Disturb button.


    This is it! You are done with activating Do Not Disturb feature. Just in case if you want to deactivate this feature all you need to do is to repeat the steps given here and make the necessary adjustment.

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