With watchOS 3, you can automatically pause or resume workouts on your Apple Watch. Once you have enabled “Running Auto Pause”, your indoor or outdoor running workouts will be auto-paused when you stop moving and resume when you begin to move again.

If you want to track your activity more accurately, then “Running Auto Pause” will be very helpful for you. Better still, it’s much easier than getting it done manually. Here is how it works:

How to Automatically Pause or Resume Running Workouts in watchOS 3 on Apple Watch

How to Automatically Pause/Resume Running Workouts in watchOS 3 on Apple Watch

Step #1. Launch the Watch app on your paired iPhone.

Launch the Watch app on your paired iPhone

Step #2. Make sure My Watch tab is selected.

Make sure My Watch tab is selected

Step #3. Next, you need to tap on Workout.

Tap on Workout

Step #4. Now, turn ‘On’ the switch next to Running Auto Pause.

Turn on the switch next to Running Auto Pause

How to Manually Pause/Resume Workouts in watchOS 3

No longer want to automatically pause/resume workouts? Turn off the Running Auto Pause (My Watch → Workout → Running Auto Pause). Then, you need to simply press the Digital Crown and the Side button at once on your watch while in the Workout app in order to manually pause or resume workout.

That’s done!

WatchOS 3 is a major update. There are several very user-friendly features which make it a lot better than its predecessors. You can add third-party complications to your Apple Watch, add and remove watch faces as desired in order to customize the Watch.

Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch in the world thanks to its advanced features and the ability to be a handy extension to iPhone. However, there are some areas where the watch can still be improved. As for instance, the wearable device relies on iPhone to carry out a number of important functionalities like software update. It would be nice if Apple reduces this over-reliance on iPhone.

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