Earlier, Instagram was touted as the photo-sharing site that shows photos/images of your followers or friends. But now people have begun to upload and share short videos on Instagram. While watching those funny videos on your mobile or laptop is a joy forever, you would love to save that joy permanently on your smartphone or computer. Whether you are using an Android or Apple phone, you can download Instagram videos to watch them later. Wonder how to do that? Check this tutorial to download Instagram videos on Android, iPhone, and Computer.

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We have covered three different methods to save Instagram videos: on an Android phone, iPhone and computer. Note that all the three methods are different from each other. The easiest one is to save videos from Instagram on a laptop using Chrome. You are not supposed to download any third-party app or extension on Chrome to download Instagram videos. Without any delay, let’s start downloading videos from Instagram.

How to Download Instagram Videos on Android, iPhone, and Computer

How to Download Instagram Videos on Android, iPhone, and Computer

Download Instagram Videos on Android

For Android users, it is pretty much straightforward to save Instagram videos by using a third-party app developed by inShot Inc.

Step #1. First off, you need to download Video Downloader for Instagram on your Android device.

Install Video Downloader for Instagram App on Android

Step #2. Once you download the app, launch the Instagram app and find the video you want to download.

Open Instagram App on Android

Step #3. When the video appears, tap on three dots from the top right corner of the video.

Tap on three dots on from the top right corner of the Instagram video

Step #4. A menu will appear on your device screen with four options: Report, See Fewer Posts Like This, Copy Link, and Share on WhatsApp. You need to tap on Copy Link option.

Tap on Copy Link in Android Video Downloader for Instagram App

Step #5. Now, open Video Downloader for Instagram app you have downloaded recently on your Android device.

Open Video Downloader for Instagram App on Android

Step #6. You don’t need to do anything as the video will be downloaded automatically when you open Video Downloader for the Instagram app. The same video will be saved in the Gallery of your phone.

Video will be downloaded automatically in Video Downloader for the Instagram Android app

You can open the Gallery and check the downloaded video.

Open the Gallery and check the downloaded Instagram video on Android

Download Instagram Videos on iPhone

For iPhone users, App Store has got an excellent app InstaSaver to download Instagram videos on iPhone or iPad.

Step #1. Open the App Store and download InstaSaver on your iOS device.

Install InstaSaver App on iOS device

Step #2. Launch the app on your iPhone; it will ask to send you notifications: you may choose Allow or Don’t Allow.

Open Instagram App on iPhone

Step #3. Next, you need to enter your Instagram username and password.

Open Instasaver app and Sign in with Instagram ID

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Step #4. Then you have to agree to EULA terms.

Tap on Agree in iOS InstaSaver App

Step #5. Now, find the video you want to save.

Step #6. On the video, you need to tap on the Share button.

Tap on Share button in Instagram Video on iPhone

A menu will swipe up with a few options.

Step #7. Tap on Save button and the video will be saved.

Tap on Save to Download Instagram Video on iPhone

You can check the downloaded video from the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

Drawback: This app shows irritating ads that stay on your device screen for a few seconds, and there is no way you can remove or get rid of the ads. If you want to remove the ad, you have to purchase this app by tapping on Menu icon and then tap on Remove Ads option.

Go to InstaSaver Menu and tap on Remove Ads

Download Instagram Videos from Mac or Windows PC

If you don’t want to download any third-party app on your smartphones, there is a better way to save Instagram videos on your desktop computer or laptop. For this purpose, you need to use Chrome instead of any other browser.

Step #1. Open www.instagram.com on the Chrome browser on your Mac or Windows PC

Step #2. Log in with your ID and password.

Log in into Instagram Account on Computer

Step #3. Find the video you want to download and then click on it.

Find the Video which you want to download in Instagram on Computer

Step #4. Now right click on the video and select Inspect from the menu.

Right click on the Instagram video and select Inspect

A new screen will open up (to the right) with Inspect Elements and other options.

Instagram Video Inspect Elements Page

Step #5. Hover the cursor on the HTML portion and hit Ctrl + F (on Mac, Command + F).

Next, type “mp4” in the text field (Find by string, selector, or XPath).

Find the mp4 video URL from Instagram Video HTML section

Step #6. You will see the video link (mp4) with a yellow background. Double-click on the link to select it.

Step #7. Copy the link, open a new tab on Chrome and paste the link.

The video will begin to play.

Step #8. Right click on the video and select ‘Save Video As’ option.

Right Click on Instagram Video and select Save Video As on Computer

Finally, select the destination to save the Instagram video on your computer.

Above method is used for both Mac and Windows users.

That’s all friends!

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We have explained three different methods to download Instagram videos on your Android, iPhone, and computer. Which way do you find more comfortable? Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.