In the Android Wear Watch 2.0 developer preview 3, we have seen that it has brought plenty of new changes along with some of the best features in this operating system. The biggest and the best change in this app is the introduction of Play Store into the Wear OS. This new change now invites you to update the Play Services and its other features to be installed by apps from Play Store.

But there are many of your who have faced “Continue setup on phone” error which got stuck on your watch screen while you were trying to setup your Android wear 2.0 watch. What is more confusing and irritating is that if you don’t have the Google Play Services structure with the Android Wear support (version 9.8.41 and above) and the newly launched Android Wear app (version 2.0 and above) on your Android phone then your watch will keep on going on and on and on that error message.

But there is a solution to this if you have already installed the updated Android wear app and Google Play Services on your phone then you can certainly setup the Google accounts on your watch from that app installed on your phone. Here is how you can do that.

How to Fix Continue setup on Phone on Android Wear Watch

Android Wear Watch Stuck on “Continue setup on Phone”? Here’s How to Fix

Step #1. Go to SettingsAppsAll apps.

Step #2. Select your Android Wear app and check the version number because it should be 2.0 or above. If it is not then you can download it from here.

Step #3. Now go back to the app list.

Step #4. Select Google Play Service app and check the version. It should be 9.8.41 or above. If it is not then you can download it from here.

Step #5. Now, Restart your watch and also your connected Android phone.

Remember, even if you have the updated Android wear and Play services apps.

Step #6. Continue to the Watch setup again.

Even after performing the above-mentioned exercise, still, your Watch setup is getting stuck at the same message “Copying Google accounts” on the Wear app then it is advisable to reboot both Phone and also the Watch to try again.

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This is the best possible way to get rid of that tiresome error we have found for you. Hope by using the steps you have got rid of the error. We would like to know the results of your exercise here in the comments and also on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.