Submit Your App or Accessory for Review

The future of technology is apps! Whether it’s a smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, computer or ultra-advanced TV, it is the app that makes the mare go.

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Likewise, it’s the accessory that not only allows you to protect your device but also enhance its functionality. Indeed, without a good accessory, a smart device like phone is almost incomplete.

“MegeByte” provides the unbiased review of apps and accessories. With a view to offering the practical analysis, we look at every single aspect; ensuring our readers have the best insight about them.

Understanding the immense efforts of app developers and accessory makers, we invite them to submit their app or accessory for review. Having thoroughly analyzed any product, we provide the most helpful appraisal.

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All you have to do is send us the app (do send the code to redeem the app if it is paid)/accessory along with the necessary details. Our fair evaluation will not only help you but also the readers.

We have an experienced team of highly-qualified editors and content writers with years of exposure.

What makes us different from the rest is the commitment to serve the best interest of our readers from around the world. Our contents are interactive and encourage the readers to express their opinion. Moreover, we are always ready to reply or answer any queries.

Send a detailed mail at megebyte90 at gmail dot com.